• Who We Are

    Owners/Business Partners
    Bethany Scherbarth
    & Paul Edgewater

    No, they're not married, dating or separated. In fact, they're barely even friends! Just kidding about the friend part, but since everyone assumes they're a couple, the record needs to be set straight! ;)

    With that out of the way, these business partners have a passion for special events and commerce. In 1998, they founded Busy Bee Promotions, one of the nation's leading experiential marketing companies. For well over ten years, their corporate offices were next to what was to become The Hive On Hubbard. They kept their eyes on the attractive, yet neglected building for over the years. Then In 2014, an opportunity to purchase this forgotten, yet majestic commercial structure manifested and they jumped on it. They then embarked on a multimillion-dollar project, lovingly bringing the graceful old structure back to life. Today, The Hive On Hubbard in Chicago's West Town neighborhood is a testament to their vision to preserve a part of Chicago history, and create one of the most spectacular private events venues and business centers in the country.

  • Bethany Scherbarth


    Paul Edgewater


    Josh Lukasik

    Logistics Manager

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