• Even in these uncertain times, your love for one another and desire to be married remains constant. Why wait? The world is changing every day, but The Hive on Hubbard is always available to help you design the most beautiful, creative, and memorable wedding! Take control of your wedding by being a trend-setter and give your loved ones something beautiful and unique to celebrate!

    Contact us for these and other distinctive, hybrid options for your wedding or special event info@thehiveonhubbard.com

  • Event Ideas

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    The Sun & Moon Wedding Day

    We know that now more than ever you miss your family and other loved ones and want to share your special day with them all.

    With our Sun & Moon Wedding Day, you can do just that! Bring a small group* of your close family and friends for a beautiful, intimate ceremony with a gorgeous view. But wait, you can still include all of your guests via Zoom with our 8-foot screen and projector so the rest of your friends and family can join in! After the ceremony, why not have a lovely, sit-down brunch or lunch and enjoy your day before the rowdy evening crowd arrives after “intermission”.

    During intermission, you two and your wedding party and family can spend time taking photos on the roof or around the city, relaxing in the VIP Suite and getting a massage or even just spend some, often elusive, quality time with your betrothed. The Hive on Hubbard staff and your catering staff will magically transform your space into a fun evening or nightclub vibe for you to dance and drink the night away with your party crew**.


    *10-50 guests total depending on city guidelines at the time
    **see “Your Wedding in Multiple Acts” for ways to bring in smaller groups throughout the rest of the evening to stay within the city guidelines for gatherings.

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    A Wedding Festival

    If you have a lot of out of town guests and want to ensure they spend more time with you and your family, let’s try a Wedding Festival.

    For Spring through early Fall wedding dates, splitting your party into two distinct groups* may be best. Half of your guests would join you inside the Hive on Hubbard for a beautiful sit-down or cocktail style reception, while the other half arrive shortly thereafter to the outdoor space for an exciting cocktail reception**. You two would be able to spend time with both groups throughout the night.


    *10 to 50 total guests in each group depending on city guidelines at the time

    **a canopy may be required depending on the weather but can be secured 7 days in advance.

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    Your Wedding in Multiple Acts

    You want to be married, but don’t have the heart to cut anyone from your guest list? You don’t have to with our “Your Wedding in Multiple Acts” package.

    Think about this option as more of an open house, or even stage show ala “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” where you two and your wedding party stay on-site, in other words “on stage” all night, splitting the evening into 1-2 hour “acts” where a group of guests* arrives to enjoy hors d'oeuvres, pictures, dancing and mingling for a set time and then they head out 20 minutes before the next group of guests arrive.

    This is an excellent option for those who may have some high-risk guests that should be safely distanced from others. And what a great way to avoid struggling with a seating chart where Aunt May can’t be near her ex-husband Uncle Tony!


    *10 to 50 guests at a time, depending on city guidelines at the time